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We love sushi, and we wanted to make a blog, to share all your curiosities with you. Sushi is a popular dish in the world, but it has many variations. In fact, there are many differences between sashimi and a nigari. There are also many variations of sushi, such as salmon and burrito sushi.

Therefore, we wanted to inform you about the best information about this jewel of Japanese cuisine.

You will not only find stories where we will tell you about restaurants that have great options in the main cities of the world (we will call it sushi near me). You can also find it as sushi restaurants near me, which will give tips for you to enjoy them to the fullest.

This portal will also be dedicated to recipes. That is, we will detail many sushi recipes, taking into account the step by step. On the other hand, each recipe will have its methodology and steps to follow so that you can make sushi in your home. We will bring the best recipes made by the most expert chefs so that you can make them from the comfort of your home. All explained simply and pleasantly.

This blog will also be dedicated to its readers. You can share any idea that makes the sushi experience more enjoyable than usual. You can also share your unique recipes of any sushi, be it nigiri, sashimi or even, some of your creations. The idea is that all this is a space to share ideas and thoughts about sushi.

We will also bring you the best recipes prepared by the most expert sushi chefs. You will even know the stories about this wonderful dish. There are stories of Japan, Germany, Spain, the United States, Italy, among others. Many people have their own anecdotes with sushi. The wonderful thing about this dish is that it allows you to be yourself.

Sushi Histories is a blog dedicated to its readers and the practice of the old customs of distant Japan. We hope you like each of our sections and also that you can interact with us to publish your comments, recipes, and suggestions.

This is the only blog dedicated entirely to sushi. We will bring you the most detailed and current information about each of the sushi variations. Sushi opens the doors of imagination, and that’s why we wanted to share everything we know with you.

You can contact us by clicking here, either to ask some questions about your favorite sushi dish, as well as about any recipe you want to publish or even, any inspiring, intriguing, moving or exciting story that you have lived through sushi.

We hope you enjoy sushi histories very much.